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On 8th of August, 2018 Justice Hrishikesh Roy was sworn-in as the 35th Chief Justice of the High Court of Kerala. He was transferred earlier on 29.05.2018 from the Gauhati High Court and was serving as the Acting Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court since 30.05.2018.

Justice Hrishikesh Roy was born on 1st February 1960. Obtained his LL.B Degree from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi in 1982. On 21.12.2004 he was designated as Senior Advocate by the Gauhati High Court.

Justice Roy was sworn-in as an Additional Judge of Gauhati High Court on 12.10.2006 and served as permanent Judge with effect from 15.07.2008. As the senior-most Puisne Judge of the Gauhati High Court, he served as Judge-in-charge, Administrative Department (JAD) and also the Chief Justice’s delegatee Judge, under Section 11 of the Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996. While heading the Mediation Monitoring Committee, the film Shako (Bridge) was produced and this film is used as a training tool in the Mediation programmes. The Arunachal Pradesh Legal Services authority led by Justice Roy, produced Apne Ajnabi, a short film on racial discrimination which highlights how legal help can be provided to the victims.

As the Executive Head of the Assam State Legal Services Authority, Justice Roy had implemented the “Reach Out & Respond” programme to facilitate access to justice, for the marginalised sections of Assam. He was in charge of the Assam Chapter of the Indian Law Institute (ILI). Justice Roy was spearheading the training programmes for the Judicial Officers under the Gauhati High Court and was nominated as a member of the National Judicial Academic Council, headed by the Chief Justice of India. For the last 10 years the News Letter ATMAN was being published regularly under Justice Roy’s editorship, for the Gauhati High Court.