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Filing of physical copies -reg 28-09-2020
Filling up of vacant posts in the Central Administrative Tribunal on deputation basis 28-09-2020
State Brief-Selection of Senior and Junior Panels for the year 2021-inviting application -reg. 25-09-2020
NOTIFICATION-Proceedings filed in the High Court -use of A4 size papers with printing on both sides. 22-09-2020
Swearing in ceremony of Honourable Judges as permanent Judges 11-09-2020
Notice - reference at 10.15 am on 08.09.2020 07-09-2020
Entry slip for Advocates. 15-07-2020
Filling up the Post of Registrar in the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity on Deputation basis. 15-07-2020
List of Standing counsel and e-mail IDs -Reg. 06-08-2020
Constitution of Crisis Management Team -Reg. 06-08-2020
Postal articles addressed to the staff-sorting and distribution-reg 05-08-2020
NOTICE-Distribution of defect files- reg; 17-07-2020
NOTICE-Renewal of fixed deposits in the safe custody of the Registrar General-availing of automatic renewal facility extended by banks to avoid unnecessary posting of cases-reg 17-07-2020
NOTICE-Special Benches to resolve High Value commercial disputes - Request to furnish the details of pending cases before 23.07.2020 -reg; 16-07-2020
Administration Report: Annual Receipts : 2019-20.
Proforma for Special Courts, MACT's, Family Courts
Proforma for Criminal Courts.
Proforma for District Courts 10-07-2020
List of Standing counsel and e-mail IDs -Reg. 07-07-2020
Reference at 10.15 a.m. on 01.07.2020 in the Chief Justice's Court touching the sad demise of Justice B. N. Patnaik, former Judge, High Court of Kerala 30-06-2020
Swearing-in ceremony of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ananta Manohar Badar, Judge, Bombay High Court as Judge, High Court of Kerala 22-06-2020
Notification dated 15/06/2020 regarding Virtual Courts. 15-06-2020
Deputation to the office of various Legal Service Institutions. 17-06-2020
Deputation to various bodies under KELSA. 12-06-2020
Notification regarding Virtual Courts. 05-06-2020
Subordinate Courts-Budget Estimates 2021-2022-Preparation of instructions.
Proforma 09-06-2020
Covid 19 pandemic-partial relaxations on the restrictions to enter the High Court 13-03-2020
Proceedings filed in the High Court-printing on both sides of the paper. 13-03-2020
Reference in honour of the Honourable Mr. Justice K. Harilal on 27.05.2020. 25-05-2020
NOTICE-Swearing-in ceremony of Sri. K. Haripal as additional Judge, High Court of Kerala 22-05-2020
NOTICE-Regular sitting of all Courts on 25.05.2020 including VC will commence only at 11.15 am. 22-05-2020
Reopening of the High Court after Mid Summer vacation 2020-arrangements for the proceedings in Court and work in the Sections-reg 16-05-2020
Marking of Exhibits in OP(KAT) an OP(CAT) 06-05-2020
Sitting on 11.04.2020 (Second Saturday) to consider urgent matters. 06-04-2020
RE:Last sitting of the Benches during the lock down period. 06-04-2020
Additional Instructions to Advocates to be taken note of while filing bail applications. 04-04-2020
Modification to notice - No.A7-127/2020 28-03-2020
Instructions for Advocates in Bail matters during lockdown period before Division Bench. 31-03-2020
Guidelines for hearing and disposal of Bail Applications during the period of lock down of Courts.(30.03.2020) 30-03-2020
Zoom - Video Conference Quick Guide for Advocates. 29-03-2020
Instructions for Advocates for e-mail filing and video conferencing. 25-03-2020
Notice - Functioning of the High Court stands shut down until the 14th of April 2020. 25-03-2020
Interim arrangements for regulating Court Proceedings in all the Courts in the High Court. 23,20-03-2020
Zoom - Video Conference Quick Guide for Advocates. ---
Notification- Public Holidays on 21-03-2020 and 28-03-2020 -Reg. 20-03-2020
Case transferred to Kerala Administrative Tribunal,Thiruvananthapuram 17-03-2020
Filling up of different posts in various offices on deputation basis outside kerala 13-03-2020
Threat of Corona virus-clarifications regarding functioning of courts 12-03-2020
Cases transferred to National Company Law Tribunal,Kochi 10-03-2020
Budget Estimate 2019-20- Demand No.III - Surrender of savings.
Proforma for High Court
Proforma for Subordinate Judiciary. 05-03-2020
Swearing-in Ceremony-06.03.2020 05-03-2020
Circular regarding the additional vacancies in the AFT ,Principal bench and regional benches 14-02-2020
Vacancy circular 17-02-2020
Filling up of the post of Additional Registrar on deputation basis 17-02-2020
It is proposed to fill up a post in respect of Deputy Registrar in the NGT 17-02-2020
Standing Counsel - updation of database - removal of panel of standing counsel 07-02-2020
Applications are invited for filling up of various posts on deputation basis in the Armed Forces Tribunal. 06-02-2020
Filling up of various posts in the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, New Delhi on deputation on Foreign Service Terms. 06-02-2020
Digitisation Project - Short List for interview. 04-02-2020
Re- Notification- selection to the two post of Reporters, Indian Law Reports (Kerala Series). 03-02-2020
Notice 28-01-2020
Filling up of vacancy in the National Green Tribunal at its Principal Bench at New Delhi 17-01-2020
Cases transferred to Kerala Administrative Tribunal,Thiruvananthapuram 13-01-2020
Directions to SCO's/DDO's-Reconciliation of records-booking of minus receipts under the head of account 0030-01-101-reg. 13-01-2020
Notice - List of defective files presented in the year 2016. 09-01-2020
General Provident Fund- Implementation of Integrated system for online submission of application for temporary advance and closure of GPF accounts . 21-12-2019
State Brief - Senior and Junior panels of Advocates for the year 2020 - orders issued. 19-12-2019
General Transfer, 2020 - Transfer & Posting of Judicial Officers. 19-12-2019
Cases Transferred to Kerala Administrative Tribunal, Thiruvananthapuram. 18-12-2019
Applications are invited for the two posts of Reporters,Indian Law Reports(Kerala Series) . 12-12-2019
Applications are invited for the post of three Honorary Reporters of Indian Law Reports(Kerala Series) . 12-12-2019
Notification for appointment to the post of Judicial Member and Administrative or Technical Member for the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal. 11-12-2019
Auction notice of used/worn out vehicle tyres(assorted). 27-11-2019
Scanning & Digitization Project of Court Records - Outsourcing of retired members of High Court Staff. 26-11-2019
High Court of Kerala - Vacation and Holidays for the year 2020. 20-11-2019
Subordinate Civil Courts - Summer Vacation and Onam/Christmans Holidays for the year 2020. 20-11-2019
Invitation for Expression of interest for data entry of case details. 18-11-2019
Cases Transferred to Kerala Administrative Tribunal, Thiruvananthapuram. 11-11-2019
Full Court reference on 06-11-2019-Reg. 05-11-2019
Filing of O.P.(KAT) and O.P.(CAT) - serving of copy to the counsel appearing for the respondents - instructions issued-reg. 02-11-2019
Ranked list for the post of Editor, I.L.R.(Kerala Series) 02-11-2019
Online applications are invited for High Court Office Procedure Test. 25-10-2019
Full Court Reference at 3.30 p.m. on Friday, the 25th October,2019. 24-10-2019
Cases Transferred to Kerala Administrative Tribunal, Thiruvananthapuram. 22-10-2019
Notice. 14-10-2019
State Brief - Selection of Senior and Junior Panels for the year 2020- inviting application-reg. 30-09-2019
Administration report on Criminal justice for the financial year 2016-2017. 30-09-2019
Administration report on Civil justice for the financial year 2016-2017. 30-09-2019
Annual report of High Court of Kerala for the financial year 2016-2017 30-09-2019
Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996- Hon'ble Judges dealing with Arbitration requests- dispensing with the practice of issuing separate notification- reg. 24-09-2019
Candidates those who scored 50% and above marks in the written assessment held on 25.08.2019 to the post of Editor, I.L.R.(Kerala Series). 27-09-2019

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